How Much Money Do You Waste on Stuff?

Have you ever tallied up just how much stuff you purchase each month? I suppose before you can answer that question you need to know what stuff includes. I think it should include any items that you can live without. In other words I wouldn't consider groceries, utilities, mortgage or rent in my definition. I would, however, include clothes, knickknacks, books, magazines, electronics and any other unnecessary stuff that crosses the threshold of my home.

So do you have any idea how much money you spend on these items per month? I don't actually know my monthly number, but I estimate that it's less than $150. Of course, as I type that number I realize it seems quite ridiculous. Surely, I spend more than $150 on stuff each month.

Of course, I suppose it all goes back to the definition. Should I consider the two cell phones my husband purchased as stuff? After all, he could have purchased a cheaper model with a much cheaper monthly plan. Is a basic cell phone considered a necessity, but a new phone with all the bells and whistles just excess we don't need?

To be honest, I haven't given much thought to the details of my spending lately. I rarely spend time shopping and when I do shop I rarely bring anything home. Over time I've reduced the amount of items I own and with each donation or sale my spirit feels a little more open and free. I love that I have less to dust and less to clean. In fact, I plan to take another crack at donating and selling unwanted items before the holidays arrive.

I guess the only way to know for sure how much I spend is to look through the credit card journals and tally the numbers. I have a feeling when I look through the ledger I'll find a much bigger number than $150.