Yummy Smoothie Recipes

In an effort to squeeze more fruit into my diet I've recently turned to the wonderful world of smoothies. I usually just throw some soy milk into the blender with a whole host of frozen fruits, but this past weekend I came across a couple of very yummy recipes. In the past few weeks I've been keeping my eye out for frozen fruit sales at the grocery store. Sure enough some type of frozen fruit has been on sale every week for the last month. I'll eat fresh when it's economically feasible, but to be honest I like the frozen variety. When you use frozen you can skip the ice, which in my opinion waters the smoothie down.

Blueberry Bliss
(2 servings)
Place all ingredients in a blender on full power for 30 seconds. (If you use frozen blueberries you don't need the ice.)

Blue Mango (2 servings)
Puree the mangoes, then add the juice, blueberries and strawberries. If you don't use frozen ingredients you'll want to chill this mixture in the fridge.

Apple Attack (2 servings)
Blend all ingredients together until you get a smooth texture.


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